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Customer Testimonials

Valerie Ricker
This was a super great idea to use for moving. After moving several times over the years, I was sick of using cardboard boxes that I had to tape up but still fell apart. I also did not want to deal with getting rid of the boxes. This was a way to move with sturdy boxes that stacked and even better- they were delivered to my door and picked up from my new place. The gentleman was extremely responsive and worked with my schedule! I will be recommending this service to my friends and family.
So easy and convenient. I had a great experience!
Jenivieve Elly
I recently had the pleasure of using Green-Packer moving boxes for my recent move, and I must say, they exceeded all my expectations. Not only are these boxes environmentally friendly, but they are also incredibly sturdy and held a surprising amount of belongings. From the moment I received the Green-Packer boxes, I could tell that they were designed with sustainability in mind. They are made from high-quality, materials, which not only reduced my carbon footprint but also ensured that I was using durable boxes that could withstand the moving process. What impressed me the most was their capacity. Despite their compact size, these boxes were incredibly spacious and could accommodate a significant amount of items. Whether it was books, kitchenware, or fragile decorations, the Green-Packer boxes provided ample space to securely store and transport everything I needed. Another aspect that I truly appreciated was their practical design. The boxes stacked and I was also provided 2 dollies - this made loading and unloading a breeze, saving me valuable time and energy during the hectic moving process. The Green-Packer boxes proved to be an invaluable asset during my move, making the entire experience smoother and more efficient. Knowing that I was using eco-friendly packaging made me feel good about my choice, and their exceptional durability gave me peace of mind that my belongings were well protected. I highly recommend Green-Packer moving boxes to anyone in need of reliable and environmentally friendly packaging solutions. They not only provide excellent functionality but also contribute to a greener future. Green-Packer has truly set the standard for sustainable moving boxes, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to use their exceptional products.
Ken Germano
We're so happy we found this service!! It's a fantastic value and unbelievably convenient; as well as the product being superior to cardboard disposal boxes. I will use this service on our next move.
Matthew Grdgon
Great experience and made moving much easier than using cardboard boxes.
Max Covert
Brilliant idea!!! These crates are strong and totally made my move easier. No more box breakdown and disposal after. Totally worth the money. This company is prompt in communication. Prompt and punctual with pickup and delivery. And they are humans with souls. They are not looking to price gouge you. Best company I have worked with in a long time. Thank you Green-Packer! I will tell everyone I know about your wonderful service!!!
Kim Turilli
This is the second time I have used Edward's services. He is very kind, professional and flexible to work with the customer's schedule for drop off and pick up. The containers are the way to go for moving---so convenient and a better value for your buck than buying cardboard boxes, tape, etc. Not to mention helping the environment by using reusable containers. I very highly recommend and support small business and Green-Packer Moving Boxes are the way to go!
Aimee Daley
Would use this company again and again. They were personable, accommodating, and generous. Please consider using them any time you need something moves.